Established in 1988, ELK specializes in commercial and residential property management. Based out of Ottawa, we manage a diverse portfolio of 21 properties totaling approximately 1,395,000 square feet.

Our properties are located in Ontario, Quebec, and Nova Scotia and include a mix of office, industrial, retail and residential buildings. Through affiliated companies, the majority shareholders of ELK also own approximately 2,000,000 square feet of real estate in Dallas, Texas and the Montreal area along with an extensive mortgage portfolio in Quebec and Ontario.

"ELK is a well capitalized company that owns, operates, and manages all of our buildings. Not only are we in close contact with our tenants and their requirements, but ELK is able and willing to invest in our buildings on an ongoing basis while providing client focused service that is second to none. It's all part of our mission to surpass our clients expectations not only today, but for generations to come", George Gaty.